Video Example i BUY videogames for FREE

i want share my personal experience about how i:
-BUY all VIDEOGAMES i WISH for FREE also if i'm POOR and i can't afford videogames prices Thanks to
Now i own hundreds of videogames that i buy for free see my list here
Right now is possible to do this only on PC and STEAM,because who work at XBOX dont give to XBOX Customers and Users the feature of Community Market , SO if you want they add it please:
VOTE NOW FOR Xbox Community Market !
So then you can BUY videogames for FREE also on XBOX,by PLAY games and be REWARDED with XBOX FUNDS.
How TO: LOGIN with your microsoft account,recharge the page and VOTE,If Many people vote this,then one day Xbox must listen community and maybe they will give it to us*
if you want it also on Playstation or Nintendo ask it at theyr presidents\boss\forums or brand twitter accounts too
*The idea to VOTE is confirmed from official xbox support account in this tweet


-If this page is useful for you or you think is good what i do , please SUPPORT ME

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Note 1:

i personally love this my page i use it also for myself more than whatever "Favorite\Bookmarks" hahaha especially for visit game news,offers etc. if do you Want add something to this page menu tell me ^_^ maybe i will add

Note 2:

Maybe in future i will do also GIFT videogames to people , because i think my mission in videogames community and videogames industry is bigger than this page and i want to do more good to people about this reason\cause\topic that for my life is more important than my life myself,for now sadly i must use my time for earn funds for buy games i wish to have,but when and if i own already them all i will start to gift videogames to people and i want to create also a special page for that where people just ask games they want and then i will gift,but for now the only i can do is this page,then in future we will see.